Doctor Makes House Calls To Heal America

Doctor makes house calls to heal America

Barbara Tetreault       Feb 18, 2019 (The Berlin Sun)


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Doctor makes house calls to heal America

Dr. Michael Katz stopped by The Berlin Sun office last week while he was making House Calls to Heal America in Berlin. (BARBARA TETREAULT PHOTO)

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BERLIN — Knocking on doors in Berlin last week as part of his “House Calls to Heal America” was Delaware doctor Michael Katz.

Katz said he is asking people their concerns and what they think needs to be done to fix what is broken in America. He said he is not satisfied with the current state of the country and feels we need to bring civility back.

A pediatric anesthesiologist, Katz said in surgery there is what doctors call a “golden hour” — the first hour after a traumatic injury when medical treatment is believed to provide the greatest likelihood of survival.

He said he feels the United States is in that golden hour and there is a limited time to take action to fix what has become a broken country. The first step in that healing process, he says, is restoring the ability to debate issues while respecting other points of view.

Katz stressed his is a non-partisan approach, centered on mending the deep divisiveness that he sees is literally tearing the country apart.

For the past four months, Katz has been making his house calls in New Hampshire and has been in Claremont, Nashua, Portsmouth, Manchester and Laconia, as well as Berlin. He plans to take his small non-profit organization to other states as well in what he calls a grassroots effort.

Going door to door, Katz introduces himself after talking, hands out an eight-question survey that participants can either email or mail to HC2HA. The survey asks people what their concerns are, what changes they would like to see, and their worries and hopes for the future. The survey also asks why people feel the country is so divided and what issues everyone might agree on. The final question he asks is, “What are you most thankful for about living in America?”

Eventually, Katz said the information collected will be used to develop recommendations to push issues that the movement finds important to citizens.

Katz said he has put his life on hold to do House Calls to Heal America and said his organization is privately funded.

Katz grew up in a working class family and his biography said he saw medicine as the best way to help others. He graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine and did a pediatric anesthesiology, with a fellowship from Harvard Medical School’s Boston Children’s Hospital. He ended up at Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Del. After obtaining a masters degree in business, he founded an anesthesiology services company. In 2008, he won a seat in the Delaware state senate where he helped pass a civil union bill.

In 2010, Katz and his two daughters were all seriously injured when the chairlift they were riding on broke at Sugarloaf Mountain in Carrabassett Valley, Maine, and they fell to the ground. Katz suffered a head and spinal injury as well as punctured lung and massive bruising.

For more information, go to or look for House Calls to Heal American on Facebook.

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