Listening to You: What Can Bring Us Together?

"Love your neighbor - invite a neighbor into your home for a meal."

Norman, Claremont


"Everyone thinks you ha to be extremely liberal or conservative, with no common ground at the middle. You don't have to function like that people can survive in the gray area."

Joe, Rochester


"We need to pick each other up when the other falls. We need to get to know each other and figure out how we can help each other, and our families be successful."

Carlos, Laconia


"What could help is politicians getting down from their high pedestal and actually getting their hands dirty and seeing things from a first-person perspective. They've just been in Washington too long."

Chad, Rochester


"I know that people have different views and opinions, but I just want people to be more tolerant of each other, to listen to each other, and to be more accepting of other people with different views."

Margaret, Laconia


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