Listening to You: What Worries You?

“I am scared for my kids with the country being so divided. I fear the turmoil and economic uncertainty. The government shutdown hurt many people in our community who rely on services to help their families through difficult times.”

Latasha, Nashua


 “I am very concerned about how much divisiveness we have in our country, that lack of respect people show for each other, racism and the lost border kids. Both sides of the aisle in congress are more concerned about themselves, maintaining their power and greed.” 

Cathy, Laconia


 “I’m concerned about discrimination towards women, minorities, and gays, as well as economic disparity and government abuse of power.”

Shelly, Claremont


 “The media causes division in our communities and our country.”

Cynthia, Berlin


 “As a Licensed Nurse Assistant, I see daily the challenges of caring for patients with mental health and drug problems. We need more funds to support more resources and programs to help these patients.”

Cassandra, Nashua


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